Imago Relationship Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Restore the connection with Imago Relationship TherapyFeeling deeply connected to someone you love is one of the most treasured and amazing of human experiences. Unfortunately, this sense of wonderful connection often slips away as reality sets in, differences emerge, and the power struggle ensues. Those sweet feelings may be replaced with frustration, resentment, disagreement, and sadness. This often leads to feeling confused, bitter, disappointed, discouraged, and alienated. You may consider ending the relationship.

Alternatively, marriage counseling can provide insight and tools to create a satisfying and sustainable relationship.

Through Imago Relationship Therapy and/or attending the “Getting The Love you Want Workshop,” you can learn skills to express feelings safely, resolve your differences, develop compassion for your partner, heal from previous hurtful experiences, deepen your connection, renew your love and passion, and create a vision for a rich and exciting future together.

Please contact one of our marriage counselors now. We look forward to talking further with you about improving your relationship.

“Love involves nourishing someone else’s soul, and not only finding someone willing to nourish yours.”
~ Harold Kushner