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The Imago community presents numerous workshops for individuals and couples. Click on the links below for specific dates, locations, and times.

Getting the Love You Want

“Getting the Love You Want” is for couples. Some of these workshops are open to all couples; some are focused on couples in recovery from addiction; and some are for couples who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered. Contact the presenters for additional information including the exact location, times, and cost.

Keeping the Love You Find

“Keeping the Love you Find” is for singles who want to be in a relationship. Participants will learn about their own readiness to be in relationship, about improving their choice of a potential partner, an about building a more sustainable relationship.

The Clearing

“The Clearing” helps men and women understand themselves better so that they can be more effective in life and in relationships.

Other Workshops

“The Couples’ Play shop” invites participants to develop their playful energy so that there will be more passion and connection in their relationship.

“Navigating the Space In Between” is an experiential workshop for women to create more satisfying lives by learning about authentic knowing, envisioning, risk taking, and embracing what is.